Altum (Slovakia)

Altum is a cultural and educational center that is being planned for the outskirts of Bratislava, Slovakia. The site of the new center will be the bucolic village of Slovensky Grob.

The goal of Altum is to host conferences, educational courses, lectures, workshops and spiritual retreats that will help participants grow in Christian and human virtues. It will foster an intellectual and moral environment that provides a Christian education. The long-term objective is to help each participant mature and become a better person.

Altum will serve as a center for children, teenagers, young adults, adults and seniors.

The center will also create an environment for active rest. Holiday activities will be organized for people of all ages.

The site of Altum is on 15 acres of land or 6 hectares. The proposed building is designed to host 35 people at a time in the conference center. The building will have a library, a classroom, a chapel, sports facilities and a garden. The building is designed to be 25,000 square feet or 2,300 square meters when it is finished. Another wing will be added on, eventually, that will serve as a hotel school for younger women. The young women who are taking classes at the hotel school will take care of all the events at the larger formation house.

The name Altum was chosen because it means “depth” in Latin. It is the hope of Altum’s organizers that every participant in the center’s activities will “go out into the deep” to discover what is true, good and most beautiful.

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